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Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Oil and Gas Technology Gap

It won't surprise anyone that there is a distinct gap between what technology can do and what is standard practice in oil and gas companies today. It is also of no surprise why this is often the case: silos of information; inability to collaborate and share; data ‘invisibility’; and complex operating environments.

It is widely accepted that companies need to take a more ‘data driven’ approach, and for many companies it is a strategic direction. The difficulty seems to be turning this into an operational road map which can be followed, implemented and measured. This can be very complex and it requires orchestration and coordination.

The biggest challenges that face our leaders are often found to be non-technical challenges. Closing the technology gap almost always comes down to the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate. We also need to cope with the roller coaster that is oil and gas prices and we need to trust our service providers in an extremely competitive environment.

Even though data driven solutions do exist (KEGS software) people deal with people. Hence owners and service providers need to work closer together. Can we be more collaborative? Can we focus on win-win scenarios where risk and reward is shared? Maybe it is the software that helps bridge this collaboration.

KEGS software is for Oil & Gas owners and service providers who need to develop oil and gas fields. The suite includes Pipeline Designer, Pipeline Operator and Project portal. KEGS is a GIS based collaborative platform which has been built for the Digital Gas Field.
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