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Thursday, 7 April 2016

The price of oil has hit the CSG industry in Australia very hard

Having a completely digital model of the gas field means you can quickly run countless what-if scenarios based on business rules, impact reduction and/or capital and operating costs. A truly digital models means you can complete a concept, FEED or detailed design in weeks, these benefits flow on into construction where the really significant money and time can be saved.  KEGS is not simply an alignment sheet generator, it is an online platform which enables teams to collaborate on a single point of truth design, deliverables are a push-button report.  KEGS is peerless because the majority of engineering service providers want to keep control of the design process,  their business model has depended on it, but this is not sustainable nor good for the industry. 

Some companies are adapting but most of the change is glacial or simply through suicidal price undercutting.  Innovation and efficiency will win through, even if it takes a painful wake-up call such as the fall in oil price.

Interested in an in-house demonstration of KEGS? We would be happy to come to the party.


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